Build a healthier workplace

We help employers retain employees and we save employers money by getting desired results in evaluating and treating behavioral health conditions. If an employee or family member has a mental health challenge that is not an emergency, they call our number, we respond, and they'll see a therapist online within 48 hours.

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Elite consumer experiences and outcomes

Therapies and peer support are provided online and with a schedule that flexes for the client. Missing work or family is not good - our group and individual therapy sessions do not affect the work schedule.

Our highest priority is for each Club Member to achieve mental fitness so that their mental health does not affect their work or family. They don't miss work or family and they do not go to the hospital or residential treatment because of their behavioral health condition.

How We Do It

We are making major changes in the way treatment gets done.

We make available:
  • "Get Mental Fitness" program that at its core teaches cognitive behavioral therapy
  • "Inner Circles" which are communities of like-minded people seeking support
  • Personal accountability dashboard - our "Mental Fitness Dashboard"
  • eLearning videos, plus content in our online community platforms
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