Therapy and Community Support

Our Recovery Club America team understands that counseling and therapy are different for everyone. Our experienced therapists and recovery coaches will tailor a private, confidential, and personalized program for you.

You can meet with your personal therapist online or in-person.

You can join our online community, which is dedicated to military folks and their family members. Here, you will find valuable content and support.


Achieve and Maintain Mental Fitness

Our Recovery Club team will work with you to personalize a private mental fitness program. We work with you to help you achieve and maintain fitness, so you can manage any health concern, including addiction, depression, or other challenges.

We provide family counseling, feature a "Parent Inner Circle," offer peer support services, and have an extensive eLearning library filled with enriching material.

East Access to a Therapist

With quick and convenient online therapy, our platform ensures professional help is always accessible. Begin your journey towards healing today.

The first step is to talk with a therapist or one of our support specialists. We'll provide you with a free, no-obligation assessment. It is super easy, just call us at 833-833-9655 or click the button below. Do this for you.