Five questions to help you see if therapy or medication management can be helpful

Written by Joe Dabbs, Director of Therapist Practices

  1. Have your experienced a week or longer of lower than usual interest in activities that you usually enjoy? (Examples might include work, exercise, hobbies, family or friend interactions)
  2. Have you been experiencing an "attack" of fear, anxiety, or panic?
  3. Have you ever experienced a terrible occurrence(s) that has impacted you significantly? (Some examples may include being a victim of armed assault, partner abuse, witnessing a tragedy happen to someone or helping someone who has suffered from a traumatic event, sexual assault, living through a natural disaster, the loss of loved ones or animals. Lots of people struggled with unhealthy thoughts and feelings associated with life experiences.)
  4. Do you feel that you have affected by feelings of edginess, irritability, nervousness, or your life seems somewhat out of your control?
  5. Have your energy level felt depleted, are you having difficulty going to sleep or feeling you don't get enough sleep, has your appetite decreased, do you eat for comfort, or have your eating habits changed?

If any of these feelings, situations, patterns, or thoughts are impacting you from enjoying life to the fullest, there is help to regain your life back! Recovery Club America offers confidential therapy, support materials (E-Learning and support links), and medication management services to help you have the quality of life you deserve! All while doing so with anonymity to make you feel even more supported.

Joe Dabbs

Joe Dabbs


Director of Therapist Practices